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What to Pack for a Winter Holiday?

Posted: Jun 15 2016

There’s nothing quite like packing for a holiday, but going through the motions of planning outfits can be overwhelming. You don’t want to find yourself being caught out with nothing to wear and re-washing your clothes in a hotel sink over and over again. Secondly we don’t want to be over packing and caught awkwardly dragging our suitcases from A to B.  
Adrift has done the ground work for you and created a solution that requires versatile and simple pieces that we know you’ll feel stylish and comfortable when abroad.
Here's our top picks 
Whether you're waiting at the departure gate or packing the car before your big road trip, this outfit was made for maximum comfort levels. You'll be able to make the long commute and not have to worry about uncomfortable factors of being too cold, hot or restricted. When travelling always wear loose or expandable items of clothing where you're able to add on take off layers easily. 
Sight Seeing 
 The Surafina Stripe Top in Grey breaks your outfit right up and makes you easily distinguishable in larger crowds. When travelling and hoping off and on buses and trains, having easily removable pieces like scarfs and cardigans help with the body temperature change plus they are often lightweight to carry around. 
Grabbing Coffee
The perfect outfit combination to start your day off before you start your daily activities. Whether you're meeting some girlfriends or wandering the streets of your holiday destination. This is an amazing outfit will wake you up and take you from your bed out into the world. 
Going out for Dinner
After completing a huge day of activities and walking around, this outfit will take you straight to dinner. The Surafina Stripe Top in Grey breaks the outfit right up and can be matched with jackets, cardigans, scarf or jewellery. 
Love Adrift xx

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