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Why does it feel good to stretch in the morning?

Posted: Aug 14 2014

3 Stretches to Wake Up Your Body




When you wake up in the morning, muscles can be tight and stiff, due to lying in the same position for a long time. Stretching will loosen up those muscles, stretching them out to their normal functioning length.

Get that blood circulating, warm up those stiff muscles, release stress, improve range of motion, flexibility and strength, decrease chances of injury and encourage good posture throughout the day. All good reasons to stretch your body out in the morning. Plus it actually helps you wake up!

Note: As you are not warmed up in the morning, stretch gently so you don’t give yourself any injuries.

Here’s Three Simple Stretches to Get You Started

Neck Stretch

Depending on how you sleep, you can have tension in your neck and shoulders when you wake up.
Start by sitting up straight and bend your neck to one side, taking your left ear towards your left shoulder, hold for 20 seconds. Repeat on your right side.
Pause for a moment. Roll your shoulders back a few times, and then forwards a few times.
Pause again. Now lift your sholders up together at the same time towards your ears, then drop.
Repeat all of the above at least three times. 

Back Stretch

Stand or sit and raise your arms towards the sky. Lace your fingers together and face your palms outwards. Extend your spine and feel the stretch in your ribcage and along your arms. Hold for 10 seconds and then rest. Repeat one more time.

Another great way to stretch your back is to get on all fours and arch your back like a cat. Start with your back flat and then slowly round out your back and make it concave. Hold for five seconds and then rest. Repeat 2-3 times.

Leg Stretch

Lie on your back and make sure your hips are centered and flat.  Lift one leg up and hold it with both hands to stretch out your hamstring. Make a circle with your ankle, first to the left and then to the right. Repeat with the other leg.  




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