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Morning Inspiration: Thinking Bigger

Posted: Aug 27 2014

We often get so busy in life, we can spend most of our time reacting to things rather than planning our course of action. This often creates the feeling of ‘busyness’ without the satisfaction of progress or growth.

First thing in the morning is a great time to be still, gather your thoughts and start thinking outside the box. Thinking bigger. Thinking more creatively.


Why take time to think bigger?

Inside each of us is more; more ideas, more creativity, more solutions, and more innovation. In our day-to-day lives, we may only get to use 10% of our full capacity while the remaining 90% stays dormant inside of us.

What would your life look like if you were to fully express all the potential that is in you?


What lives would be changed?
Who would you inspire?
How would problems become invitations to change the game for good? In family? In career? In your local community?


Will you take the time to find out?


Make Time, Make Space

There’s something about getting away from your normal environment, or your normal routine that makes space for creativity to naturally happen.

Create a space in your home, with a comfy chair and window view, dedicated to your thinking time. If you’re someone that needs to move around, go for a walk, breathe the fresh air and let yourself dream and plan possibilities. I often like to find a new coffee shop with a great view of the beach, take my journal, turn my phone off and enjoy.

Everyone is unique. Be creative, make a space that works for you. Protect it and keep it for that purpose only – big creative, thinking.


Ask Good Questions

It’s been said that people who take time to do nothing, let their minds wonder into new possibilities and are curious and open to new things are the ones who create change, solve problems and break new ground in any area you can think of. (So 'daydreaming' is highly underrated!)

Sometimes we need help to start taking the limits off our thinking. Asking good questions is a great way to start doing that. Here are some to get you started.


What do I want to achieve? What’s my ultimate goal here?

Am I thinking too small?

What would 'taking it to a whole new level' mean for me?

How will I know I got there? Can I measure it?


Why do I want to do this? Is it about me? Is it about others?

Who benefits?

If I don’t achieve this – how would that make me feel?

If I do – how would that make me feel?

What’s the reward? Is it worth it?


By when? What is a realistic time frame that I can set?

How do I break this down into steps or stages?

Do I need someone to help me brainstorm this? Who would be ideal?


What resources do I have to help me? (make a list)

What am I missing?

How can I get it? Can I borrow it or buy it?

Can someone teach me or can they do it for me?


Who is on my team?

Are there others with a similar goal that I could collaborate with?

Where might I find them?

What can I learn from them?

If I’m shy, how can I start to step out of my shyness?


What exactly is the problem I’m facing? (define it)

How can I come at it from a different angle?

What are five different ways I could solve this problem? (no answer wrong)

When it's solved - what next?

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