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An Adrift Kind of Christmas

Posted: Nov 16 2015

The Christmas season is upon us. With the excitement and anticipation of generous gift giving, long lunches, days spent by the beach, festive cocktails and the gathering of loved ones comes a lot of arduous preparation.

Christmas traditions, however charming, inevitably become tired year after year. The roast. The bon-bons. The dowdy tree. What is needed is a festive rejuvenation. A revised spread of exquisite food, inspired table settings, and delightful gift ideas will transform a basic family get-together into something memorable and beautiful.

So here is our collection of festive inspiration. We’ll be referring to these beautiful images for ideas for all of our upcoming festive events. 


A selection of beautiful cheeses & fruits. Rustic boards. 
- via

DIY Candle Holders
- via

DIY wrapping
- via pinterest

An alternative Christmas tree
- via pinterest

Delicious (and healthy!) goodies
- via pinterest

Beautiful flowing cottons that you'll feel comfortable in all day
Joy Shirt

Amazing salads using beautiful local produce.
- via pinterest

Summery accessories make the perfect gift! 

- Britt Bag

And of course some beautiful table settings, good wine and great company: 

Just remember - keep it easy and keep it beautiful. No one should be feeling frazzled on Christmas Day!

x Adrift

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