Clear Closet, Clear Head: Curate a Capsule Wardrobe for 2022 and Beyond

As the new year begins to feel normal we may find ourselves reflecting upon how we’ve been living. That may mean contemplating our habits; have I been exercising enough?  Have I been eating well? Maybe even: have I been hoarding an overflowing closet full of clothes that haven’t surfaced in years? Here at Adrift, we are highlighting the need for a purge of clutter by curating a capsule wardrobe to start 2022 with a clear head and closet. 
Sustainability and ethical manufacturing in the fashion industry is becoming an increasingly important concern for both consumers and manufacturers. Adrift owns two factories, one in Bali and one in India, which operate under our highly ethical code of conduct, which includes healthcare insurance and wages well above the living wage for our workers, and ensures no children are employed.  We are dedicated to transparency with our customers and as a result our entire code of conduct is available for viewing on our website. However, meeting ethical standards is not our only concern and with the fashion industry contributing “10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second largest consumer of the world’s water supply” according to World Economic Forum, we have to question whether our fashion addiction and climate crisis are intrinsically tied. 
Fast fashion has met new extremes with fashion giants such as Zara replacing stock every 2 weeks, catering for 26 seasons a year instead of the classic summer, fall, winter, spring seasonal turnover. The pressure in the media to keep up with the ever-changing cycle of trends has sparked a conversation about the absurdity of fast fashion. 
If you are drowning beneath clothes you already own, yet can’t help feeling like the regimented trend cycles render your wardrobe “so two weeks ago”, then the investment into classic re-wearable pieces could ease some of this clutter/climate chaos induced anxiety. 
First, we’ll start with some tips to curate your capsule wardrobe:
  • Number 1: The culling. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and ask yourself does this item “spark joy?”. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, then it might be time to go. 
  • Now that only your favourite pieces are left, allow yourself to indulge in classic pieces now and then. We know how easy is it to think you need something because it was worn by someone you admire, but don’t let the celebrity lights blind you. Ask yourself, is this new piece compatible with my lifestyle, my body type, and my own individual style?
  • We’ve picked out a few Adrift staple pieces below that can be re-worn over and over without the raise of an eyebrow. 
Start with a classic linen butter-soft, button-up. Adrift’s oversized boyfriend shirt ($150) is an everyday go-to and, with a bit more length on the tail of the shirt, is perfect for over togs or tucked into some tailored black slacks, this top can take you from business to the beach. Pair with our Ponte bootleg pant in black ($89) made from a comfy stretch, an office staple. 


Couple with denim! Our Adrift Denim Jacket in Navy ($130) is a timeless wardrobe essential, made from soft, decent weight, 100% denim, its roomy fit, and perfect balance acid wash, hints at vintage reminiscence. Stylish then, stylish now, you can count on this one to last through the rigorous trend cycles through the future.



The secret to a capsule wardrobe is building a foundation of neutrals; denims, solid black and whites, and a staple stripe. Think parison chic with Adrift’s Swing Tee in French stripe ($69), style with denim and a white sneaker and you can’t go wrong. 




Of course we have to include Adrift’s divine perfect fit denim. 

The Adrift denim, cropped, straight Leg Jeans in Navy ($159) and the Adrift Denim, cut-off shorts ($99) are a capsule wardrobe no-brainer. Made from cotton, polyester, and spandex blend these pieces mould to fit your body with each wear, this denim adjusts with you as your body changes over the years. 



A little black dress is a capsule wardrobe must and Adrift’s new Cotton Voile collection has realised the Kinsley Boho dress in black ($149), the whimsical midnight fantasy dress of your dreams. With delicate wrapped button detailing littered from the modest plunging v neck to the flirty center skirt split, this dress is one, we assure, you won’t get sick of.



We can’t have a capsule wardrobe without a bit of fun, a pop of colour frock is the statement piece to complete a capsule wardrobe of basics. Sticking to solid colours and wearable silhouettes will ensure that your frock gets the most out of its life in your closet.   Let your personality shine in a maxi that catches eyes, such as our Sabre puff sleeve in sea pink ($169) for a playful pixie-esque statement look. Or dial things back a little with a more muted pink, the Amara petal sleeve in pink ($159) is a boho tiered dream in gorgeous silky cotton voile. 



We hope that this capsule wardrobe guide makes the idea of living sustainably, decluttering and starting fresh, exciting! We’d love to see your closet before and afters and hope to see you rocking our adrift basics for years to come. 

Love, Adrift xx

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