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Curving an Industry Mindset - Meet our Curve Model Sophie!

Posted: Sep 06 2016

You know her as the blonde bombshell staring back at you across our website and social media; the woman with the hair you wish you woke up with and a smile that makes you say "I need that Dress". Meet our model, Sophie Sheppard! 

 How did you become a curve model?

I was scouted while I was shopping in Perth by an agency, and did a few jobs locally as their only plus girl. I then did a job that ended up on the back cover of Woman's Day magazine and my agent Chelsea from Bella Management in Sydney saw it and called every agency in Perth to find out who I was! Once I was signed with Chels it all just went from there and I've lived in London and New York and worked throughout Europe and America for the past 6 years which I never in my wildest dreams thought would happen.


BTS Sophie


Who inspires you in your career?

All the other curve models booking great jobs and working. It's inspiring that there are girls who are breaking boundaries every day and landing major gigs - a win for one is a win for all of us! 

Were you always so confident/has modelling helped your confidence?

I've always been a confident person but modelling has definitely helped me become more confident with accepting myself.  Being surrounded by positive people, and doing some amazing things in my career and meeting so many other women who are the same as me and accept and love themselves and who are unapologetic for who they are only makes you do the same.  

Where do you feel the industry is at in regards to embracing models of all sizes?

It's getting there but we're not there yet. I want it to be the norm to see a girl over a size 10 on a cover of a magazine, or represented by a beauty or hair brand or major fashion house. Curve girls are slowly making their mark but it's not often enough, and when it is I feel it's always gimmicky - like for 'the body issue' or a nude shoot, or sexy lingerie, not just because we are beautiful confident strong women who deserve fashion and opportunity just like anybody else.

What is your favourite part of the job?

The amazing people I get to meet, and the places I get to travel. Each job is different, with different crews, in different locations so it's always exciting!

What tips to you have for woman who aren’t so confident with their bodies?


Who wants to wake up at 80 and think 'damn I didn't enjoy the beach all those summers because I was scared of what some strangers may or may not be thinking about the way I look.' Embrace yourself, every inch, every curve, every bump, bruise and otherwise because at the end of the day it's what makes you YOU and there is so much more to life.

Sophie Make up Shot

10 fun facts about Sophie:

Where are you from originally? Perth!

How long have you been modelling? 10 years.

Favourite Band/Artist? ooo so many, but I've always loved Coldplay.

Favourite Food? Any type of asian cuisine.

Star sign? Cancer

Biggest Fear? Not being happy - its the most important thing in life!

Hidden Talent? Knowing lines or scenes of movies haha my friend and I can pretty much say anything to each other and we'll know what movie it's from.

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Skin Care Favourite at the moment?  I love coconut oil and use it as a face and body moisturiser! 

Make up Favourite of the moment?  I love my hourglass bronzer which has a bit of shimmer to it -  I use it on my cheeks but a little tip is I also use it as an eyeshadow as its gives a natural golden brown and makes my eyes pop with mascara!


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