Denim Jackets: Find the Style for You

As the summer sun sinks below the horizon, the cool autumn breeze rolls over orange hills and bare shoulders. Saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet but the beauty of fall styling is it can be as easy as throwing a denim jacket over our outfits from this summer. Day to night, a denim jacket can take you anywhere, but the myriad of different styles may be an overwhelming prospect. At Adrift, we feature three denim jackets on opposite ends of the spectrum, the Adrift Cropped Denim Jacket in Navy ($129), the Adrift Denim Jacket in a Washed Navy ($129.99), and the Adrift Cropped Denim Jacket in White ($129). But how do we choose? 
First, we must pinpoint our own style and what jackets will work to bring something new to our typical outfits. A rule of thumb we like to use is; if form-fitting clothing is your go-to then a nice contrast is a weightier more oversized jacket to balance out the outfit. The full length denim jackets helps to lengthen the torso and create a more classic relaxed look. On the other hand, if flowing frocks are your cup of tea, breaking up excessive fabric with a cropped denim jacket can accentuate a waistline often lost by loose-fitted clothing. The cropped jacket pairs nicely with high-waisted bottoms, aiming to shorten the torso and lengthen the appearance of your legs. 
Now that we have chosen a shape that fits your style, if you are picky about hardware, this could help you do some ruling out. Our cropped denim jacket in white features silver buttons so if you’re are a loyal silver wearer this jacket could be for you. The navy jackets feature dark silvery bronze buttons that could pair nicely if you are a gold wearer. 
All three denims are versatile with essentially any prints or textures, so we hope to see you investing in some denim this fall.
Love, Adrift xx 

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