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Ditch The Dye!

Posted: Aug 29 2016


Going Grey Gracefully

Going grey is part of the parcel of the natural ageing process, this doesn’t mean that this is all it symbolises. It’s 2016 and women are taking control, here are 3 women who have gone grey but skipped the dye. Making a hearty counter-argument to the generalised hypothesis of grey = old and replacing it with a new one: grey = beautiful!

 Jamie Lee Curtis

1 - Jamie Lee Curtis has been wearing her silver with pride for years now, keeping the cut sharp and the style tousled. This look exudes style, confidence and female empowerment.

Jamie and Daughter

Earlier this year Jamie’s daughter even went grey with her mum, debuting the matchy-matchy look on the Golden Globe red carpet in all it’s glory.

 Kate Moss Grey

2 - Kate Moss is a celeb who has opted to go grey before it’s natural appearance, with some new “greylights”. Resulting in positive reviews among international beauty experts and the team here at the Adrift office!



3 - Even though Meryl Streep wore a wig as “Miranda Priestly” we are still going to count this one! The coiffed silver bob played an integral role in the portrayal of her character as a powerful, cosmopolitan woman dominating in the world of fashion and business.

Let your grey break free! As these 3 women are showing the world grey is no longer just a part of the “getting older process” it’s an opportunity to adapt something new into your look, to help you feel empowered and continue being the confident and stylish women you are!!


Love Adrift xx

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